The year's most important technology stories…

The year's most important technology stories?

In one week, I will be at Princeton University to teach my yearly Human Nature and Technology course through Johns Hopkins' Center For Talented Youth program. It's basically a summer camp for high school nerds, and our HTEC course covers a range of philosophical issues relevant to human life in today's technological age. This will be my 7th year teaching the course. It's a lot of fun!

The first assignment is to research the top tech stories of the last year, from the summer of 2011 to today. Last year, students covered the following stories:

Ecological disasters  (Japan tsunami, Deep Water Horizon spill)
Arab Spring
Climate Change
Autonomous Drone attacks
Cyberwar  (Stuxnet, Anonymous, etc)
The Digital Divide
Privacy and Freedom (covered Kentuky vs King, the NC Eugenics program)

This list formed after some brainstorming with the students, and then they were let loose in a library to prepare some research on these topics for class presentations. 

This is a new year, with plenty of new stories. What stories belong on this year's list? Leave your suggestions in the comments! I'll leave mine there as well.

For more information on the CTY program:

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