The Attention Economy Primer This primer…

The Attention Economy Primer

This primer is designed to introduce newbies to some basic concepts and readings on the attention economy. Far from being comprehensive, this guide focuses on recent contributions to this great conversation, sorted into rough categories for ease of use. There is a lot of material here, some of which is quite difficult, and not all of it is explicitly connected. However, I hope that taken together this guide sketches a picture of the social, political, and economic stakes of perhaps the most radical restructuring of social organization that humanity has ever dared to undertake, and of the science that has made it possible.


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+Gideon Rosenblatt asked me to put together a reading list on the attention economy last week. It took me a while, but I pulled together around 20 important contributions to the discussion, sorted it by category, and wrote a brief introductory essay to hold it together. Some of it may be familiar, but hopefully enough is new and interesting to encourage further exploration.

This is a lot of material, probably more than a summer's worth. Sorry Gideon! Still, this is a developing story, and I hope to continue to update and argument this primer as more people start to contribute to the discussion. Suggestions, criticisms, and contributions are always welcome.

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