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The luxury of human guidance

Competing robots must retrieve samples such as colored tennis balls, blocks of aluminum or rocks spread across a landscape filled with soft soils, rocks, trees and bodies of water — all without human guidance or GPS navigation to simulate the challenges of exploring other planets. The contest is scheduled to take place at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Mass., from today through Sunday (June 15 – 17).

"Rovers that might have to do this someday on Mars or another planet don't have the luxury of operating with human guidance," said Mason Peck, NASA's chief technologist.

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Robots! "NASA $1.5 Million Contest Unleashes Robots for Humans" — InnovationDailyNews.  Jeremy Hsu writes about NASA's Centennial Challenges prize competition at Worcester Polytechnic Institute taking place Friday and Saturday on the WPI campus in Worcester, Mass.  Public invited to attend and catch a glimpse of the future!

NASA's $1.5 Million Contest Unleashes Robots from Humans

A $1.5 million contest encourages smarter rovers capable of retrieving samples on Mars without human guidance.

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