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"Working for Internet" is about the most compressed statement for the #attentioneconomy  that I can think of. Hint: check my profile.

The recent story of the bus lady who raised half a million dollars after her harassment video on YouTube is in some sense another success story of Internet employment, though getting yelled at by kids isn't exactly a reliable vocation.

+Matt Uebel recently posted an article discussing Planetary Resource's launch of a Kickstarter campaign to fund their multibillion dollar asteroid mining mission.

I left the following comment in his thread, which somehow seems appropriate here:

"Billionaires are literally asking the internet for money. 

If there is any doubt that the internet is the most powerful human organization on the planet, this should lay it to rest."?

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I work for The Internet now

I have an interesting problem: How do I shoehorn "hired by The Internet for a full year to work on Free Software" into my resume? Yes, the git-annex Kickstarter went well. :) I had asked for enough to…

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