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Eugene Goostman, chatbot

Talk to Eugene here:

On June 23rd, on the day of the Turing centenary, a special Turing Test was held in Bechtley Park in honor of the occasion. It was the biggest run of the test ever performed, with over 30 judges engaging in over 150 conversations with a few clever chatbots and a few dozen human decoys. 

"Turing said that a machine that fooled humans into thinking it was human 30 per cent of the time would have beaten the test. Just short of this, Eugene fooled its judges 29 per cent of the time."

So close! 


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One Per Cent: Bot with boyish personality wins biggest Turing test

Celeste Biever, deputy news editor. Eugene Goostman, a chatbot imbued with the personality of a 13 year old boy, won the biggest Turing test ever staged, on 23 June, the 100th anniversary of the birth…

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