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Attention +Sebastian Thrun: this is what a biologically inspired digital overlay looks like. I sure hope the kids at Google X understand this, because the existing +Project Glass demo is clearly designed to serve up apps and advertisements, and that's about the worst possible way to waste our visual system. 

Cyborgs can do so much better. 

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Hidden Patterns in the Bee's Garden

I posted a longer piece for #ScienceSunday   ( describing how bees see the world differently than humans do. For example,  *bees can see UV (ultraviolet) light where we can't. That difference produces some spectacular patterns, which are invisible for us.* 

Fortunately, photographer  *Bjørn Rørslett* has taken a huge range of UV photos of flowers, documenting the UV bull-eye landing pattern bees can use to navigate right to the centre of flowers, where the pollen awaits.

The images below show two of my favourite examples from Bjørn Rørslett's photos: two (left) with our visible light, and two (right) with UV filters. Note that these haven't been adjusted for the bees optics or other aspects of their vision.  

You can see many more examples of the hidden patterns bees might see in our gardens at Rørslett's website:

And you can learn more about bee vision – including a hands-on demo of how bee optics change their view of Einstein – in my longer post, here:

for #ScienceSunday  curated by me, +Robby Bowles ,   +Rajini Rao , and +Chad Haney

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