The University of Tokyo's JSK Lab, with…

The University of Tokyo's JSK Lab, with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has modified a Kawada Industries HRP-3L biped robot. The HRP3L-JSK is able to calculate 170 stable postures in 1 millisecond, and uses capacitor-driven electric motors to achieve faster, more powerful movement. It can also jump 44 cm (17 inches).

I can't help but watch this video in comparison to PETMAN: PETMAN Robot Strut (Stayin' Alive)

The fact of biologically inspired movement alone makes PETMAN seem much more hearty and effective. Watching the two videos side by side makes me think of other technology "wars", and I couldn't shake the feeling that HRP-3L is a Mac, PETMAN is a PC.

HRP3L-JSK: High Power Biped Robot

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