The Peer to Peer Manifesto via +Michel Bauwens…

The Peer to Peer Manifesto

via +Michel Bauwens

13. The best guarantor of the spread of the peer to peer logic to the world of physical production is the distribution of everything, i.e. of the means of production in the hands of individuals and communities, so that they can engage in social cooperation. While the immaterial world will be characterized by a peer to peer logic of non-reciprocal generalized exchange, the peer-informed world of material exchange will be characterized by evolving forms of reciprocity and neutral exchange.


This hits some of the right notes; others I disagree with or think don't go far enough. Still, this is in the same spirit as the work I've been doing on #digitalpolitics and the #attentioneconomy , and it is definitely worth a share to get more people talking. The faster we can triangulate on the same basic insight, the easier it will be for all of us to work together.

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