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Allthis is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell — using a virtual currency called “time credits” — 10-minute chunks of anyone’s time.

The idea, says cofounder Christopher Poseley in an exclusive interview with Mashable, is to unlock people’s time and make it available to others. “We really want to be the place on the internet where you can, in a trusted way, get in touch with anyone that you want to.”

Allthis, a small Angel-backed startup, quietly went live with its product a few weeks ago and has since organically attracted 10,000 users.

Here’s how it works: Every individual that joins the site is assigned a single token that others, if they have enough time credits, can buy at the going market rate. The token represents 10 minutes of your time and, as a condition of the registration process, you pledge to honor and give the allotted time to the highest buyer.

The price of your token goes up 10% every time it trades hands, meaning your onsite value, and the value of your time, increases. Once another user holds your token for a 24-hour period, then he or she can choose to cash in on the 10 minutes of your time. And once your token has been redeemed, you can donate your purchase price, in actual currency converted from time credits, to a U.S. charity of your choosing. Then, your token goes back on the market and the process starts over.

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Allthis – where you can "buy" ten minutes of someone's time with virtual currency.

Have you seen this, +Daniel Estrada ? Seems #attentioneconomy related.


The ten-minute exchange

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