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This post was inspired by +Mark Bruce who asked a rather interesting question, If you could share one message that would reach hundreds of millions of people… What would you share? #Words4Mankind

Dreams within reach

People need a reality check! – From atoms to molecules to cells to fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals to primates and here we are, trying to wrap our heads around deep time and the mindblowing change that is has produced.

We have come a very long way indeed… 13,7 billion years is a vast ocean of time, yet it just so happens that we are living in an age of vast importance that has the potential to change the future course of the universe itself. The change that lies behind us was not intelligently designed, the change that lies ahead of us will be. – Beginning of Infinity

We are not the endpoint of evolution and the change from fish to dinosaur to bird should give you an idea of the possibilities. A few million years from now we will be either dead or unrecognizable.

The brain is finite and physical, it's just a matter of time before we unravel all its mysteries. Biological immortality, reshaping your body, increasing mental capabilities as well as expanding your senses, … Sure this sounds crazy because its hard to imagine but can you honestly say that it sounds crazier than aquatic creatures turning into land walking killers who eventually take to the skies? Our imagination is limited because of our perspective and short lifespans. If we ever want to make it off this rock and survive the harsh conditions of space and other planets, we will have to adapt to survive.

>Nanotechnology, the art of manipulating matter on the atomic scale is already creating one wonder material after another.
>Biotechnology is exploding in all directions; modifying old life, creating new life, printing organs, biofuels, … are all here today.
>Information technologies, from the AI we use today, to the software that controls the robotics of tomorrow, the Internet of things, programmable matter, augmented reality, …
If you have seen BCI's (Brain Computer Interfaces) in action then you know that even the near future has tremendous potential for changing our relationship with technology.

All the sciences will keep advancing, this technological storm will only grow more fierce in the coming centuries. It's hard to predict what fruits these endeavors will produce in a decade, let alone how advanced these industries will be a 100 years from now, but it's safe to say that as time goes by, we are only going to learn more and thus produce ever more sophisticated technological wizardry. From fusion to holograms, we are bound to see quite a few groundbreaking developments in our lifetime.

Mankind is stuck in "We ll see whatever comes next" while it's time to actively start thinking about which future we want to make real. Scientists around the world are breaking new ground every day, expanding knowledge, adding pathways towards different futures. The time has come to actively start looking ahead and state mission goals. Every year technology grows more powerful, if we wait too long it will end up making the choices for us. –

Transhumanism is an intellectual and cultural movement that embodies all I ask for. If you have a serious interest in mankind's future, consider joining this community of thinkers and activists. Defend reason, defend science budgets, stress the importance of education and life long learning, go into debate with people who try to demonize new technologies such as GMOs, donate to science research & education as well as humanitarian projects, … Basically your job is to make the world a better place through the application of science and technology and one of the best ways to do that is to get smart yourself and to increase the amount of educated people on the planet. Invest in 3rd world education! These are some of our best bets to overcome the problems that lie ahead. –

Make conscious decisions about what to do with your money, do you really need that gossip magazine, plastic toy or other luxury item? You could invest that money in the future, donate or invest in organizations active in education, health, energy or fundamental science research. You can check out sites like or for more information. We waste so much of our attention/brainpower/resources/money on trivial stuff, it's time to unite the human race under the banner of adventure. If we set ourselves goals we can work together to achieve them.

Free education at,,,,, & soon @

There is no objective reason for existing… We have to make it ourselves, love life, love the universe, work towards a better future!

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