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“I would love to see the technologists among us build an infrastructure native to the web that lets you, as the subject or creator of an object, a data object—a meme maybe—be able to tag it, and declare something about your relationship to it,” for those who may want to turn it into a meme. “And then people would have a choice,” he said, both to express their intention not to be made into a meme, or, from the meme-creator’s perspective, whether to propagate or not propagate."


We need a framework under which such relationships make sense. Not just the technological infrastructrure, either; we need a full organizational overhaul. We need to fundamentally reevaluate our fundamental understanding of global social organization; we need consistent, open-sourced organizational infrastructure in which digital culture can develop and thrive. No government, no law, and no private enterprise can correct the failed organizations of the existing order. Only a global self-organized network of freely cooperating human beings can save us now.

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Could Technology Tame the Internet Meme? – Technology Review

Jonathan Zittrain calls for a technological solution to the ethical questions raised by Internet culture.

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