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"According to Richard Darell’s article on Bit Rebels, a significant amount of Pinterest users (including myself) did not use the site prior to January 2012. Its growth spurt is impressive. Parse the spurt into categories and “home decor” ranks top at 12.8%, according to Repinly. According to the same source, only 25% of Pinterest users have a bachelor degree or higher.’s reader demographics, by comparison, strongly favor readers with graduate degrees. Most readers also have graduate degrees. This is just slightly lower than the US 2010 census in which 27.9 reported having Bachelor degrees or higher. This might also explain why “Science & Nature,” conveniently lumped together, category is relegated to the subterranean digital dungeon at 1.7%. In other words, the future of space exploration, genetics and geophysics are being sacked by “Hair & Beauty,” “Food & Drink” and “DIY Crafts” in the US. In the UK, where the majority of users are male, according to Googledoubleclick, venture capital, blogging resources, crafts, web analytics, and SEO/marketing are the alpha topics ruling the site."

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Loving +Susanna Speier 's article at Nature (Really?) about Pinterest

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