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The featured video on this post is absolutely wonderful. It highlights just one of the major issues with Enlightenment models of individuals, and the dreadfully absurd consequences it has for the way we raise our children. Highly recommended if you are interested in #education and #digitalculture .

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A collection of insightful videos about the present state of education and future prospects. "Changing Education Paradigms" (below) as you would imagine focusses directly on this issue. Additionally, these give a well-rounded set of perspectives:
Salman Khan at TED Talks (founder of Khan Academy)–
Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education
Sir Ken Robinson at TED Talks ("Do Schools Kill Creativity")–
Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?
RSA animate "The Secret Powers of Time"–
RSA Animate – The Secret Powers of Time

More from Sir Robinson (if you can sit through 55 min of witty British humor, with occasional digression into discussion about changing paradigms) Sir Ken Robinson – Changing Paradigms

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