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What happened to society because we made a lot of little boy scouts? We produced generations of campers. We distributed enough skills, knowledge, interest, and appreciation of camping among the public that interest in camping sustains itself.

+Mark Surman says we need a new scouting movement that will prepare our kids for the world they'll be living in. We need a scouting movement for coding the web. He's exactly right.

Not just about the need for coders. This is how we should be thinking about skills-based learning generally. Not just in terms of the brain in front of us (though that matters a lot!) but also about the networks that brain will be part of in the future. The whole talk is brilliant.

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A scouting movement for the web

I’ve been thinking about ‘a scouting movement for the web’ for a while: a practical movement focused on the skills and creativity that spring from the internet. I finally got around to doing a talk on this idea at last week’s TEDx Seneca. Here is a video of the talk:

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The talk starts with a question: what was the most important social innovation that scouting gave to the world? Answer: civilian camping . Before Baden Powell, only …

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