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The key here is to think about automated vehicles not as a change in my relation to my car ("it is driving for me"), but rather as an infrastructural change about the way we drive as a collective community practice ("they are driving for us"). Driving is one of these fundamentally "American" past times, so the collective ownership of our cars is perhaps the most appropriate way to introduce our culture to the collaborative efforts that the Digital Age requires of us.

I give more thoughts on #systemhack issues involving #cars and #sustainability in the comments on +Matt Uebel's original post.

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#RaceAgainstTheMachine #autocars #futurism .

Futuristic cars are coming faster than you think

Cars that drive themselves are not just the stuff of sci-fi movies. The technology is real, the cars can now drive legally and the debate is starting on whether society is better off when software is behind the wheel.

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