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“Many broadly significant scientific questions, ranging from self-organization and information flow to systemic robustness, can now be properly formalized within the emerging theory of networks,” says Adilson E. Motter, professor of physics and astronomy. “I was thus humbled to be invited to write such a timely piece.”

The authors argue that, as network research matures, there will be increasing opportunities to exploit network concepts to also engineer new systems with desirable properties that may not be readily available in existing ones.

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Networks and the patterns they express
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They are just beginning to establish how to properly read patterns within networks. I found the following insight to mesh with my own intuition about how to proceed!

"One such method mentioned in the article aims at resolving the internal structure of complex networks by organizing the nodes into groups that share something in common, even if researchers do not know a priori what that thing is." – To control a network, find the pattern

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