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Is the awakening of #AugmentedReality within reach?

"The human eye has tremendous capabilities, but it is limited in its ability to focus on objects placed very near the eye. This inability to focus on near objects has lead traditional near-eye display developers to develop complex optical solutions that make the so-called near-to-eye image source appear to be located further away than it actually is and comparable to a typical television or small monitor. Innovega has developed an alternative display architecture that is based on enhancing the human eye’s normal vision capabilities. It improves sharpness of vision in one’s real-world while enabling the wearer to view extreme detail of objects placed very near to the eye and specifically at the usual distance between traditional eyewear and the eye. In this way the wearer is able to simultaneously focus on virtual content from the eyewear and on the entire spectrum of activities in the real-world. This new iOptik approach leverages the mature technology used by contact lens suppliers and eliminates the usual bulky optics that have previously been required in the design of video eyewear products." —

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