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#InterestGraph – Food for thought…

"…While Facebook prepares to go public, Apple Pings into the void, LinkedIn focuses on resumes, Myspace circles the drain, Twitter becomes more complex, Pinterest distracts, Google+ goes around in circles, and Instagram loses focus, the next big Interests/Passions knowledge/social network is being built… under the radar.

Amazon, with their public/private highlights/notes from Kindle readers is creating a knowledge/interests ecosystem that will aggregate what the world is interested in, and what the world finds important…and what the world wants to buy more of. And, of course, they are making it social, by connecting to many of those they will eventually replace (mentioned above).

Thanks to +Jesse Newhart for surfacing.

The Next Big Thing

Below is a network map of a very interesting new book — Too Big to Know [2B2K] by internet scholar David Weinberger. David's book is shown by the magenta node in the center of the network. Direct…

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