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Complexity & Chaos, order through fluctuation

"…how is choice made? There's always pure chance, especially in physical systems. And there may also be outside influences. In social systems, these may be human intentions as well. So, at a bifurcation point, a small random fluctuation in the state or structure of a system is magnified and made permanent."

"Self-Organization is the process where a structure of pattern appears in a system without a central authority or external element imposing it through planning."

This might be something I listen to when I go to sleep, I'll keep it my watch later list. >But the dude that made the playlist put it out of order, which kinda sucks. I'm probably going to be too lazy to make my own. <

+Jon Lawhead ordered this into a playlist:

> (over 2hr long, out of order)<

This part 9 is 7m long and pretty interesting.

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