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…"The recently-launched Runmycode has thrown another bridge across these divides, a bridge that allows scientists and academics in the fields of economics and business to test the logic of an argument by testing the code that expresses it.

A user can employ Runmycode for free to automatically create a website built around a given professional paper in between 15 and 45 minutes. The central feature of the resultant site is a cloud-based data simulator, developed in J2EE, that allows a user to test the paper's assertions. This simulator allows readers, especially other scientists and those for whom the paper may prove the most useful, to test the arguments in the paper with their own data set."…

Runmycode lets scientists crowdsource code testing

A new service removes a little more of the barrier between academics and the public by automatically producing a companion website for each paper researchers author. Creators hope it will invite criti…

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