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"With no central planner or decider, both brains and bee hives can resolve their inner differences to commit to single courses of action. To watch a group of bees is to see a frenzy of different interests coalesce into a single, clear thought. This is analogous to neurons in the brain, which must reach a consensus on how to achieve a behavioral goal by positioning the body in space. Bees in a hive must do something similar when deciding where to move the superorganism that is the swarm … The remarkable unifying theme in all of these systems is how an aggregate swarm intelligence is built from just a few kinds of simple, local interactions between agents. Both neurons and bees are presumably unaware of how their impulses and signals transcend the individual, and lay the substrate for a grander, collective intelligence."

You Have a Hive Mind: Scientific American

There is a deep connection between the way your brain and a swarm of bees arrives at a decision

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