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Reminds me of my favorite quote from Squarepusher's brilliant ego-destroying article "Collaborating with Machines":

"When being forced to "purpose", all the machine seems to be capable of is resistance. It is not that the machine is a lifeless vacuum that continually absorbs inspiration and ideas from its user, but that the user hinders the collaboration by assuming he is the progenitor of these things in the first place. *It is in this trick of perspective, from the humble "it happened" to the questionable "I made it happen" to the disastrous "I can make it happen" that lies the labarynth of paradoxes that is our "modern" world.*"

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Art Markman, PhD: When “I saw that” becomes “I did that.”

One of the strangest conversations I have witnessed happened when I was at a party at a friend's house several years ago. He was regaling me with a story about making breakfast in high school and …

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