The List

I have decided to maintain a list of corporations, organizations, and politicans who have pulled support for Wikileaks, or have otherwise bowed to political pressure against Wikileaks, and those who have openly supported Wikileaks. I haven’t found a comprehensive list online, but there is so much noise right now that it is hard to find good info. There are questionable accusations being thrown at Twitter and Facebook (for blocking all links to torrent sites), and I’d like some clean, well-sourced data.

I see a lot of references to “Amazon, PayPal, and the like” without listing the organizations that are actively suppressing Wikileaks. I think it is important for us to track who is one what side of this debate, since the lines being drawn over Wikileaks are the same lines that divide the larger debate over the future of the internet.

I don’t care if there are legitimate reasons for pulling support, if the decision was independently made with no political pressure, or if it is some massive conspiracy to destroy the internet. I just want to take stock and provide sources for who falls on what side of this issue.

Here we go. If anyone can add to this list as things develop I’ll try to maintain it.

Wikileaks Mirrors

Pulled support or spoke out against:

– Amazon
– EveryDNS
– PayPal
– Visa
– MasterCard
– Sen. Lieberman
Tableau Software

Publicly supported:

– Glenn Greenwald
– Ron Paul
Anonymous/Operation Payback
The Pirate Bay

Hedged bets:

– Facebook
– Twitter

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