Robot Screening

These are the videos I show for my big robot screening every year in 101. I’ve posted each of these videos here before, but it will be handy in the future to have the list consolidated and organized. I’ll periodically add to the list as I remember things and find new things.

Anthropology videos:

The Machine is us/ing us
Information R/evolution
A vision of students today

By the way, I thought we had a really good discussion of these videos, and I am glad they resonated with some of you. Please spread them around!


Could you do without?
A Robotic Affair
Military Exoskeleton
Robotic hand
India Traffic
Telekinetic Monkey
They’re made of MEAT

The Uncanny Valley

I do not want to do this any more
Big Dog
Big Dog on Ice
Lil Dog
Big Dog Beta
Standing Up
Tripod Bot


Automatic Sorters
Industrial Arm
Asimo Serves Drinks
Asimo Crashes
Qrio dances with Beck
Qrio plays with children
Leo Learns
Keep On dances
Dexter Walks
Isn’t Human Nature Amazing?


  1. I am now in the process of stealing shamelessly from this, since I apparently have the second half of the class to do with what I will.

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