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The Technomancer

Like druids, but with tech instead of nature. Technomancers are more than just skilled technicians. They are in tune with machines, connecting with them not only on an intellectual but a spiritual level.

Note: A “machine”, for purposes of the technomancer, is any electronic system. A technomancer does not necessarily have any mechanical or structural engineering abilities or knowledge. But “electrical and electronic systems, computers, and artificial intelligences” is one hell of an awkward phrase.

Robotic Companion: A 1st-level technomancer may begin play with a robotic companion. This companion is one that the technomancer has built herself. Robotic companions can have up to 2 HD. Alternatively, the technomancer may have more than one robotic companion provided that the robots’ total HD don’t exceed 2. The technomancer can also cast AI friendship on other robots during play (see the spell description below.)

I’m looking for a word to describe someone almost religiously devoted to technology, but I’d prefer a word that leans towards cyberpunk and away from D&D. I don’t like technomancer, and technomage is just as bad. I like server monk, but it wouldn’t make much sense to someone who didn’t know server. Technopriest is taken by the Catholics, and electroyogi and eVicar are just silly.

So help me out, cyberspace.


  1. Mechanotheist? Mechtheist? Robotheist? Technotheist? I think I like that last one best.

    Technomancers (at least as far as RPGs go) originated with Shadowrun, by the way, not D&D, and Shadowrun is very much cyberpunk. The class excerpt you posted is from some guy’s crappy homebrew skin of a druid.

  2. In a more Roman mood, how about `technovirgin’? More philosophically, we could combine and shorten `techno-‘ and `monk’ as `tonk’. Or: metatechnician (i.e. what comes after technÄ“). Since this role involves the (“spiritual”) union of man with the functionality of high technology, pehaps we should choose `computor’. Of course then the enlightened founder would have to be called the Cōdadharma. (Holy knights would be called Pallatintels. The congregation is the Artifaithful.)

    How about `iReverend’?

  3. although you have to watch out for derogatory terms too. like Chip Chump and Processor Blesser.

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