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California county tags gang members with GPS

San Bernardino county wants to start tagging gangbangers with GPS transponders. County commissioners have applied to the state to be part of a pilot program that would monitor all offenders who are released from jail after serving time for gang-related activities.

The program, which the county has started implementing on its own, is an innovative attempt to tackle the problem of gang violence, but it builds on similar California initiatives already underway. Last year, for instance, California voters enacted Jessica’s Law, which forced all sex offenders to live more than 2,000 feet away from schools and parks. The law also require that all felony sex offenders submit to GPS-based electronic monitoring—for the rest of their lives. That’s right, the bracelets need to stay on even after sentences are served and parole is over.


California Senate fights RFID tracking for schoolkids

California’s state Senate has struck a major blow against the enemies of mankind in the inevitable war against The Machines.

Legislation approved Monday would prohibit public schools from requiring the implementation of radio-wave devices that broadcast students’ personal identification and monitor their movement around campus — information the mechanical horrors could theoretically use to turn our children into livestock.

The bill provisions would expire in 2011, giving the state government four years to ponder the implications of forced-implantation of RFID chips into the ID cards and tender flesh of human children, among other threats that are easy to grandstand against.

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